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Solar Heating Advanced Hands-On Installation Training
Learn How To Install Solar Heating Equipment
  • Credit Hours: 16 Hours

  • Format: On-Ground Classroom

  • Professional Certificate: Solar Heating Advanced Hands-On Installation Training

  • Recommended for: Future Solar Heating Installers and Students Taking the NABCEP Solar Heating Installer Certification Exam

This solar heating hands-on installation training lab is designed for those wanting to learn how to install solar. It is also a great solar training for students wanting to enter the industry with first hand knowledge of solar heating system components, outside of the classroom training. This solar training provides the skills needed for solar installer professionals to work with various solar heating systems and understand the industry. The SH Entry Level training or similar, is required as a prerequisite.


What Will You Gain?
A comprehensive working knowledge of solar heating installation in order to perform the job of a solar heating installer. This program also helps you get prepared for the NABCEP Solar Heating Installer exam. You’ll gain exposure to multiple system types and understand the features and benefits of different mounting hardware, collectors, tanks, components, and storage technology. You will have hands-on experience with the install process, giving you the groundwork needed to specify, visualize, and install a solar thermal system.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone pursuing a career track in solar heating installation such as contractors, solar installers, crew members, project managers, site assessors, plumbers, and technicians. Also wholesale customer service, purchasing, sales, and marketing staff who sell or support products related to solar heating installation will benefit greatly from this course. Professionals will benefit from the broad knowledge this course provides when working with various solar heating and thermal systems within the industry, and feel comfortable communicating to clients with enthusiasm and confidence.


Classroom Labs Training
This solar training program is taught in a labs setting. Take this training with interested peers at one of our locations. This solar training program is hands-on. Please make sure to wear proper clothing. Sneakers are recommended. Classes begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 5:30 p.m. for 2 days.


Learning Objectives
• Live Installation Demonstration – Roof Safety
• Live Installation Demonstration – Mounting Hardware Roof Penetration
• Live Installation Demonstration – Collector Mounting and Leveling
• Live Installation Demonstration – Dual Tank Installation
• Live Installation Demonstration – Drainback Systems
• Live Installation Demonstration – Flatplate Collector and Evacuated Tubes

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This solar training program is taught in a lab setting. This program is 16 hours and taught over a 2 day period.