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Firewall Security Specialist
Build skills equivalent to the FIREWALL 2.0 - Deploying Cisco ASA Firewall Solutions program
  • Credit Hours: 5 Days

  • Format: Virtual Classroom, Instructor-Led Online

  • Professional Certificate: Cisco Firewall Security Specialist

  • Recommended for: Anyone who implements and maintains Cisco ASA firewalls Network security specialists and technicians

The Firewall Security Specialist Intermediate course prepares students for employment in the Informational Technology industry. Through a series of theory based lectures and labs provide a comprehensive look at skills required to configure, maintain, and operate the firewall features if the Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances. Upon completion of these courses, the student will possess the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain employment and will be employable by various companies within the industry, as well as the opportunity for career advancement.

This course prepares students for employment as a Network Security Specialist. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment change between 2010 and 2020 will grow by 15% greater than the annual average.

What You'll Learn

  • Technology and features of the Cisco ASA
  • Cisco ASA product family
  • How ASAs and Cisco PIX Security Appliances protect network devices fromattacks
  • Bootstrap the security appliance
  • Prepare the security appliance for configuration via the Cisco AdaptiveSecurity Device Manager (ASDM)
  • Launch and navigate ASDM
  • Perform essential security appliance configuration using ASDM and the CLI
  • Integrate the ASA with Cisco Secure ACS for TACACS+ command authorization
  • Integrate the ASA with Cisco Secure ACS for RADIUS network access control
  • Configure auto and manual network address translation (NAT)
  • Configure access policy based on the Global Access Control List (ACL)
  • Configure access policy based on interface ACLs
  • Use object groups to simplify ACL complexity and maintenance
  • Use the Modular Policy Framework to provide unique policies to specificdata flows
  • Handle advanced protocols with application inspection
  • Deep packet inspection of application layer traffic
  • Troubleshoot with TCPping, Syslog, Packet Tracer, and packet capture
  • Configure access control based on authenticated users
  • Configure the security appliance to run in transparent firewall mode
  • Enable, configure, and manage multiple contexts to meet security policyrequirements
  • Select and configure the type of failover that best suits the networktopology
  • Monitor and manage an installed security appliance

Who Needs to Attend

  • Anyone who implements and maintains Cisco ASA firewalls
  • Network security specialists and technicians
  • Candidates seeking CCNP Security certification

Course Outline

1. Cisco ASA Introduction

  • Cisco ASA Technologies
  • Cisco ASA Families
  • Cisco ASA Licensing Options

2. Basic Connectivity and Device Management

  • Preparing the Cisco ASA for Network Integration
  • Managing Basic Cisco ASA Network Settings
  • Configuring Cisco ASA Device Management Features

3. Network Integration

  • Configuring Cisco ASA NAT Features
  • Configuring Cisco ASA Basic Access Control Features
  • Configuring Cisco ASA Routing Features
  • Configuring the Cisco ASA Transparent Firewall

4. Cisco ASA Policy Control

  • Defining the Cisco ASA Modular Policy Framework (MPF)
  • Configuring Cisco ASA Connection Policy and QoS Settings
  • Configuring Cisco ASA Advanced Application Inspections
  • Configuring Cisco ASA User-Based Policies

5. Cisco ASA High Availability and Virtualization

  • Configuring Cisco ASA Interface Redundancy Features
  • Configuring Cisco ASA Active/Standby High Availability
  • Configuring Security Contexts on the Cisco ASA
  • Configuring Cisco ASA Active/Active High Availability


Lab 1: Enhanced - Preparing the ASA for Administration

Lab 2: Enhanced - Fundamental ASA Configuration

Lab 3: Enhanced - AAA for Administrative Access

Lab 4: Enhanced - Network Address Translation

Lab 5: Enhanced - Basic Access Control

Lab 6: Exclusive - ICMP, uRPF, and Troubleshooting Tools

Lab 7: Enhanced - Transparent Firewall

Lab 8: Enhanced - Basic Protocol Inspection

Lab 9: Enhanced - Advanced Protocol Inspection

Lab 10: Enhanced - User-Based Policies

Lab 11: Enhanced - Active/Standby Failover

Lab 12: Enhanced - Active/Active Failover

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