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C# Web Developer II
Build skills equivalent to the Advanced Windows Store App Development using C# program
  • Credit Hours: 5 Days

  • Format: Instructor-Led Virtual

  • Professional Certificate: Advanced Windows Store App Development using C#

  • Recommended for: Professional developers with at least one year of experience creating applications for a production environment

The C# Web Developer II course prepares students for employment in the Informational Technology industry. This course provides students with the advanced skills and techniques necessary for both design and development. Through theory-based lectures and virtual labs, students will obtain the knowledge needed to support the apps published to the Windows Store. Upon completion of this program, students will possess the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain employment and will be employable by various companies within the industry, as well as the opportunity for career advancement.  

This program prepares students for employment as a Web Developer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment change between 2010 and 2020 will grow by 20% greater than the annual average.

What You'll Learn

  • Add animations and transitions in a Windows Store app to improve the user experience
  • Localize the Windows Store app user interface (UI)
  • Brand the Windows Store app and improve the loading experience with a splash screen
  • Use various storage mechanisms, choose a suitable caching strategy for their Windows Store app, and use advanced, file access methods
  • Create custom controls, extend template controls, and create and consume WinMD components
  • Implement the print and settings contracts and the Play to API
  • Work with the Push Notification Service (WNS)
  • Capture media with the camera and microphone
  • Create and consume background tasks
  • Discover device capabilities, interact with devices, and act upon sensor data
  • Implement Windows Store trial licensing and in-app purchasing and advertising
  • Manage Windows authentication and web authentication in Windows Store apps
  • Diagnose problems and monitor application behavior using tracing tools, profiling tools, and APIs

Who Should Attend

Professional developers with at least one year of experience creating applications for a production environment


  • At least one year of experience creating applications for a production environment
  • Experience programming in C# and XAML to create Windows 8 apps
  • Experience programming HTML5
  • Experience using Visual Studio 2012, including experience using Windows 8 preview builds
  • Experience working on Windows 8 apps
  • Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps using C# (M20484)

Course Outline

1. Windows Store Apps Essentials

  • Basic Windows Store App Concepts, relating to Windows 8 App essentials
  • Presentation and Integration of the Windows 8 ecosystem

2. Implementing Animations and Transistions

  • Creating the Built-In WinRT animation library and storyboards
  • Applying transitions and transformations

3. Implementing Globalization and Localization

  • Creating and consuming localized resources
  • Applying lanuage-specific formatiing and multi-lingual application

4. Branding and a Seamless User Interface

  • Creating and presenting a successful splash screen
  • Differentiating Windows Store Apps with branding

5. Advanced Data Scenarios in a Windows Store App

  • Using various storage mechanisms
  • Choosing a suitable cahing strategy for an app
  • Using advanced file access methods

6. Creating Reuasable Controls and Components

  • Creating custom controls
  • Extending template controls
  • Creating and consume WinMD components

7. Implementing Advanced Contract Scenarios

  • Implementing the print and settings contracts and the play to API

8. Windows Push Notification Service (WNS)

  • Managing and communicating the push notification service (WNS) 

9. Capturing Media

  • Capturing media with the camera and microphone
  • CameraCaptureUI API and MediaCapture API

10. Background Tasks

  • Creating and consuming background tasks in a Windows Store App

11. Sensors and Devices

  • Device capabilities
  • Interacting with devices
  • Acting upon sensor data
  • Orientation sensor and location services

12. Generating Revenue with your App

  • Using trial licensing, In-app purchasing, and advertising
  • Implementing trial functionality and transition to a full license
  • Implementing in-app purchases
  • Implementing advertising functionality

13. Securing Windows Store App Data

  • Using Windows live authentication
  • Using web authentication protocols
  • Encrypting data using Windows security cryptography

Lab 1: Implement Animations and Transitions
Lab 2: Implement Globalization and Localization
Lab 3: Brand and Seamless User Interface
Lab 4: Caching Data
Lab 5: Create Reusable Controls and Components
Lab 6: Print
Lab 7: Windows Push Notification Services (WNS)
Lab 8: Capture Media
Lab 9: Background Tasks
Lab 10: Work with Sensors and Devices
Lab 11: Generate Revenue with your App
Lab 12: Secure Windows 8 App Data


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