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Job Readiness
This is a Free online information session that teaches students how to prepare for interviews with future employers.
  • Credit Hours: 1

  • Format: Self-Paced Online

  • Professional Certificate:

  • Recommended for: Anyone looking to improve their resume building skills, interviewing skills, or public speaking skill will benefit from this course.

Job Readiness provides all students with the necessary knowledge to help them prepare for employment. In this free online course, students will learn how to develop a resume, prepare for public speaking, understand the positive and negative effects of body language in an interview, answer potential employer interview questions, and dress professionally for their interview using an interview readiness checklist. All of the yips provided are designed to help prepare students for their future careers.

 What Will You Gain?

Students will learn how to build a resume, enhance their public speaking skills, display appropriate body language for interviewing, and prepare for interviews. Students are supplied with a step-by-step guide to the pros, cons and best practices when interviewing with employers.

Who Should Attend?

Everyone should attend. Whether you’re searching for a job or currently employed, you can always improve your resume building, interviewing, and public speaking skills. Mastering these skills will help you become more marketable as a potential job candidate.


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