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Commercial Driver's License Class A Program (Weekday)
Prepare to earn your CDL Class A
  • Credit Hours: 160 hours in 4 weeks

  • Format: On-Ground Classroom

  • Professional Certificate: Certificate of Completion and the Entry-Level Driver Certificate

  • Recommended for: Students looking to obtain a Commercial Driver's License

Course Description
Students will be taking both the written and skills test during the program. This commercial driver's license training program is designed for those wanting to prepare for a career in commercial truck driving. It is also a great transportation training for students wanting to enter the tractor-trailer driving industry with first-hand knowledge of the commercial driving profession. This CDL training provides the skills needed for transportation professionals to work with commercial tractor-trailers, which provides greater career options upon completion of the program. This program is very hands-on with the latest equipment and tractor-trailers. Students will also meet the training requirement for entry-level CMV drivers (49 CFR Part 380) by obtaining their entry-level driver certificate. 

What Will You Gain?
A comprehensive working knowledge of the transportation profession in order to perform the job of a commercial driving professional. This program also helps you prepare for commercial driver's license testing, both written and hands-on. As a student, you will establish a working knowledge of the fundamentals of commercial truck driving and gain hands-on truck driver experience. In addition, the real world experience will allow you to develop your driving skills by working with authentic tractor-trailers.

NOTICE: 49 CFR 380, Subpart E states that all entry-level drivers who drive in interstate operations and are subject to the CDL requirements must receive entry-level driver training. An entry-level driver is defined as a driver with less than one year of experience operating a CMV with a CDL in interstate commerce.

On-Ground Classroom
Take this training with interested peers at one of our locations. This training program is broken down into modules that will help guide the students along their path of completion. Our instructors make sure that all students are progressing along requiring student involvement every step of the way. Classes begin at 8:00 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone pursuing a career track in the commercial truck driving profession. The real world training applications throughout the program will prepare students to enter into a career within the industry. With the growing market, students will have the opportunity to earn job security and the potential for career advancement in the transportation industry. 

Course Overview
Classroom - 50 hours
• 33 Chapters covering all general knowledge exam requirements
• Route planning
• Daily cumulative quizzes and practice exams
• Training requirements for entry level CMV drivers
• Paper and electronic logging training
• CDL Class A permit obtained

Skills Range - 50 hours
• Equipment introduction 
• Pre-trip and post-trip inspection
• Coupling and uncoupling
• Weight distribution
• Straight line backing
• Alley dock backing
• Offset backing
• Parallel parking
• 45 and 90 degree backing
• Tire chaining
• Employer required skill training

Behind The Wheel - 60 hours
• Night time driving
• Progressive shifting
• Fuel efficient driving techniques
• Rural, highway, and city driving
• Uphill and downhill driving
• Smooth and safe breaking
• Roadside emergency procedures
• CDL Class A license obtained

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This program is 160 hours completed in 4 weeks. All course materials, exam fees and medicals are included in the tuition.