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OSHA 10 - Construction Program
Obtain your OSHA 10 certification with our OSHA 10 training online
  • Credit Hours: 10

  • Format: Self Paced Online

  • Professional Certificate: OSHA 10 Certification

  • Recommended for: Individuals looking to obtain their OSHA 10 Certification.

Course Description
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends Outreach Training Program courses as an orientation to occupational safety and health for workers. And while workers may need additional OSHA training based on OSHA standards and the specific hazards of their jobs, our OSHA 10 training online program can help inject entry level workers with critical knowledge on a variety of OSHA regulated safety and health topics.  Here you can learn the basics about what topics fall under OSHA, how OSHA operates to protect both workers and employers, and how you can benefit from taking OSHA training.

Note: OSHA regulations state that a student can not spend longer than 7.5 hours in an OSHA 10 training course per training day.  Please allocate a minimum of two (2) calendar days to complete this OSHA training. 

The specific topics covered in this course are:
-  Introduction to OSHA
-  Electrical Safety
-  Fall Protection
-  Struck-By & Caught-Between Accidents 
-  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
-  Scaffolds
-  Cranes
-  Power Tools
-  Excavations
-  Materials Storage
-  Demolition
-  Hazards in Communication
-  Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this OSHA 10 Training Online Program, you will be able to:
1.  Explain OSHA’s purpose and how its standards serve to make the workplace safer for construction workers.
2.  Discuss the major areas in construction to which OSHA standards apply, and what those standards mandate.
3.  Recall what employer/employee issues OSHA covers, how and when to contact OSHA , and what protections OSHA may provide.
4.  Name overall safety practices relevant to the construction industry, and explain what precautions to take against hazards on the job.
5.  Obtain your OSHA 10 Certification Card.

Course Can Be Applied To The Following:
AIA - American Institute of Architects ( Health, Safety & Welfare - AIA Reg RV1350 )
FL - Engineer ( Technical - 0005319 )
FL - Registered Contractor ( Workplace Safety - 0010920 )
FL - Certified Contractor ( Workplace Safety - 0010920 )
FL - Pinellas County Contractor ( Workplace Safety )
TX - Interior Designer ( Health, Safety & Welfare - AIA Reg RV1350 )


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