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BPI Heating Professional
Covering many of the needs a BPI Heating Specialist should know
  • Credit Hours: 40 Hours

  • Format: On-Site Training

  • Professional Certificate: BPI Heating Professional

  • Recommended for: This course is ideal for BPI Building Analyst Professionals, HERS Raters, home inspectors, HVAC technicians, insulation professionals, general contractors, home builders, engineers, architects, and entrepreneurs

NITE's BPI Heating Specialist Certification course will cover many of the need to know subjects a BPI Heating Specialist should know. Our course includes classroom and field training as well as the BPI Heating Professional written and field exams. Some of the topics covered include heating system science, load & system sizing, ventilation system design & installation, and system diagnostics.

In order to apply for this course it is recommended to either have prior experience with HVAC systems and their operations or a BPI Analyst Certification. Training will include review of some Building Analyst concepts, but this is not a Building Analyst preparatory course.

The topics that will covered throughout this course include Basics of Building Science, Heating Systems, Evaluating Building Performance, BPI Standards & Project Specifications, Optimizing Heating Systems, and Professional Ethics & Communications.

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40 Hours of live or blended training